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Keyhole Surgeon For Gallbladder in Mumbai, India

Keyhole Surgery for Gallbladder by Dr. Shirish Bhagvat

According to surveys, almost as high as 80% of the people that have been diagnosed with a gallstone, require surgery for the treatment. Depending upon the intensity and level of problem, expert surgeons are required to remove either just the stones from the bile ducts or remove the entire gallbladder.

Techniques to remove the gallbladder include:

Keyhole Surgery for Gallbladder Stone or Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: Under this surgery, the surgeon makes a number of small sized cuts, incisions, through the skin to allow access to the surgical instruments. The surgeon will then remove the stone through one of these incisions.

Open Surgery: Under the open surgery for Gallbladder, the surgeons reach the gallbladder through a wide abdominal incision. This kind of surgery is required if you have to scar from some prior operation or to suffer from a bleeding disorder.

General procedure for Gall Bladder Stone Operation:

The surgeon, firstly, makes a small number of incisions to the abdomen, so that slender surgical instrument can reach into your abdominal cavity. A tube that blows a gentle stream of Carbon Dioxide gas is inserted into the incision. This separates the abdominal walls from the underlying organ. Once separated, the surgeon then views the gallbladder on a monitor using the tiny camera attached to the laparoscope.

Special x-rays (cholangiograms) during the operation are done to check for gallstones wedged in the bile ducts. The ducts and arteries that service the gallbladder are then clipped shut permanently. The removal of the gallbladder is then carried out, or if possible only the stones are ejected. The gallbladder or the stones are then pulled out of the body through the incisions made. After that, the instrument and carbon dioxide both are also removed from the cavity, and the incisions are closed up and covered for recovery.


• Rather than the large sized incision, this sort of surgery requires small sized four incisions opening to be made in the abdomen.

• Patients often have minimal post-operation pain.

• A faster recovery is observed as compared to that of open gallbladder surgery patients.

• Most patients go home the same day of the surgery and enjoy a quicker return to normal.

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