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Piles Treatment in Mumbai, India

Piles-treatment by Dr. Shirish Bhagvat

Hemorrhoids, also known as piles (Mulvyadh/Bavasir), are an enlargement of the blood vessels close to the anal hole. These blood vessels grow and swell when there is an increase in pressure on them, which can occasionally be felt near the anal entrance.

There is no need to suffer in silence just because Piles (Mulvyadh/Bavasir) may not be a topic you feel comfortable discussing. You are not alone if you have heaps. According to estimates of the population, one in two of us may likely have piles at some point.

Hemorrhoids, which are tiny aggregates of blood vessels and tissue in the anal canal, are also referred to as piles.

It is crucial to know when exactly to recognize the disease and seek treatment because these hemorrhoids (in their various stages) may swell up, causing the patient great agony and significant suffering.

As a result, piles of operations and surgery become quite required. It is actually safe to have piles, which are a frequent but innocuous illness that affects many people worldwide.

The typical piles symptoms vary depending on the condition's stage. The majority of the time, piles symptoms are not dangerous. The following symptoms could be present in someone with piles.

  • uring and after bowel motions bleeding
  • Noticed a solid mass near my anal.
  • stuffed after a bowel movement
  • Around the anus, there is a rash, swelling, and irritation.
  • Discomfort and pain while having a bowel movement

Root Causes of Piles:

  • Constipation is the most typical cause.
  • bad bathroom habits ( sitting on the toilet for a long time ex. reading )
  • Straining during bowel movement or hard stools
  • family background
  • conceiving and giving birth
  • Performing heavy lifting
  • Obesity

General Symptoms of Piles:

  • Bleeding without pain while passing stools
  • Detecting a bulge external to the anus
  • Itching or pruritus around the anus Dirtying of underwear with feces
  • A thrombosis hemorrhoids, which develops when a blood clot does, causes a very uncomfortable swelling that gets worse when you sit and when you go to the bathroom.

Hemorrhoids are categorized into four stages:

  • Stage 1:- The hemorrhoids are slightly larger and uncomfortable for a short time, but they eventually go away.
  • Stage 2:- These hemorrhoids are a little bigger and may be forced out during bowel movements before returning to their original position.
  • Stage 3:- During this stage, hemorrhoids hang outside the anus but can be forced into the anus by the patient.
  • Stage 4:- This is the most severe stage, where hemorrhoids linger outside the anus and cannot be put back in.

Causes of piles and remedies:-

  • Big or tough stool
  • During Childbirth, tearing or straining
  • Persistent diarrhea
  • Spending a lot of time sitting
  • Nutritional imbalance
  • Piles's physical examination

Typically, a professional in the diagnosis of piles can make the diagnosis based solely on a visual examination.

Digital Piles analysis:-

The Piles doctor may use a proctoscope or a digital rectal examination (DRE) to diagnose internal piles. A small tissue sample can then be taken from inside the rectum and sent to a lab for testing.


This form of painful hemorrhoid disease is effectively diagnosed by the doctor using a tiny, delicate piece of equipment known as an anoscope.

Treatment for hemorrhoids:-

Most of the time, piles go away on their own without any kind of treatment. However, receiving treatment for piles can greatly lessen their discomfort and excruciating pain.

Best Surgeon For Piles Treatment:-

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