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Best Surgeon For Fissure Treatment in Mumbai, India

Fissure Treatment in mumbai by Dr. Shirish Bhagvat

What is Fissure ?

The main distinction between Fissures is the anal diseases.. The last opening via which our bodies expel stool is the anus. The passage measures 4-5 cm. This orifice's terminal portion features delicate nerve endings that are lined with blood vessels. The central section contains a number of anal glands. Let's analyses each of the anus's problems after we finish discussing the anus's anatomy.

Alveolar fissure:

What is the meaning of Alveolar Fissure?

It hurt a lot and is recognized as a rip around the anus.

  • Occurs occasionally when a person exerts too much pressure before urinating.
  • If infected, they may exude pus or blood.
  • They could be brought on by diarrhea, constipation, and vigorous exercise.
  • Those over 50 are most affected.
  • They could exhibit chronic manifestations.
  • fiber-rich diet and medicine can both effectively treat an acute fissure.

symptoms and signs:

  • Severe gastrointestinal discomfort.
  • Lasting pain after bowel movements for quite some hours.
  • Bright red blood after bowel movements.
  • Near-anal fissure lump.

What might bring on this disorder?:

  • Passing huge or difficult stools
  • Straining while going to the bathroom
  • Persistent diarrhea
  • Childbirth
  • Anal liaisons
  • Do anal fissures have any complications?
  • Anal fissures that are severe can result in further problems, such as the need for additional treatment if they don't heal after eight weeks.

You might have more than one, and they might come back. They might penetrate the surrounding muscles, which would make healing challenging.