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Fistula Treatment in Mumbai, India

Fistula Treatment in Mumbai by Dr. Shirish Bhagvat

What is it?

The centre portion of the anus, the anal glands, is susceptible to infection, leading to an anal abscess that begins seeping pus. Fistulas are the openings that link the abscess to the infected gland.

Anal fistulas: What causes them?

When the fluid glands in your anus get obstructed, anal fistula develops. This causes a buildup of germs that may result in abscesses in areas of skin. Abscesses may develop if left untreated, eventually going outside to drain out around the anus opening. Abscesses frequently develop into fistulas. Infections like TB and sexually transmitted diseases may also be to blame.

Fistula signs:-:

Anal fistulas can cause symptoms including swelling, discomfort, and redness to appear around the anus. In addition to fever and bleeding, there may also be uncomfortable bowel movements. It is advised to see a doctor in this scenario.

Is the diagnosis of anal fistulas possible?

After a physical examination, the doctor might be able to determine whether you have an anal fistula. While some fistulas could be simple to diagnose, others might not. However, the doctor might look for bleeding or seeping and suggest that you see a colon and rectal problems specialist. You might also be required to undergo additional exams like x-rays or CT scans.