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Gastrointestinal Surgeon in Mumbai

The Gastrointestinal system:-

The mouth, pharynx (throat), esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, rectum, and anus are all parts of the gastrointestinal system. Salivary glands, the liver, gallbladder, and the pancreas are also included since they produce digestive juices and enzymes that aid the body in breaking down food and liquids.

What are gastrointestinal surgeons called?

A general surgeon who has received additional training in the diagnosis and management of conditions affecting the colon, rectum, and anus is referred to as a colorectal surgeon (formerly known as a proctologist). Colon and rectal surgeons are skilled at treating colon and rectal issues surgically and non-surgically.

What does gastrointestinal surgeon do?

What a gastrointestinal surgeon doctor does in an image To treat benign (noncancerous) diseases affecting the digestive tract, which includes the oesophagus, stomach, intestines, appendix, gallbladder, pancreas, liver, and bile ducts, our skilled surgeons conduct GI surgery. Dr. Shirish Bhagvat is the most experienced Gastrointestinal Surgeon in Mumbai. He is specialized in all time of Gastrointestinal problems and he provides top most solutions with high success-rate.

Gastrointestinal Surgeon in Mumbai

Dr. Shirish Bhagvat

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Medals & Awards

"Best Resident Award" for the years 1985-1987 at the B.Y.L Nair Hospital, Mumbai, India.


M.B.B.S October 1981(first attempt) Mumbai T.N Medical College
M.S - Gen Surgery June 1986(first attempt) Mumbai B.Y.L.Nair Hospital & T.N Medical College